Future Projects

A number of future research projects stemming from those described above are currently in development. Below are descriptions of these projects.

 Photo Credit: A. Evensen

Photo Credit: A. Evensen

Longitudinal Analysis of SPICE Camper Science Affinities

Between 2014-2016 science affinities scale measures have been collected for three years, one full cohort) of SPICE campers. Longitudinal analysis of this data will focus on describing girls affinity trajectories during their time with the program. Covariates under analysis are their self-identified science identity archetypes, scholarship status, and self-reports of enjoyment of science in school.

Analysis will employ piecewise regression analysis of composite affinities scores.

Developing a Measure of Science Identity Archetypes

With four years worth of interview and focus group discussions supporting the science identity archetypes described above, the next step is developing a quantitative measure of these identities that can be used by students and teachers. The purpose of such a measure would be to provide a simple and clear method for identifying the ways students relate to science and what sorts of supports in and out of the classroom will be most effective in helping them develop strong identities and self-efficacy around science.



Impacts of Being an outreach instructor

For ten years, SPICE has been employing undergraduate science and education students at the University of Oregon as lead instructors, mentors, and volunteers.  Many of these students have gone on to incorporate science teaching into their careers. Some who go on to careers in science have made outreach an important part of their jobs. Others have gone on to earn masters in teaching and become science teachers themselves.

This project would seek out past instructors to determine where they are now and collect data on how participating in the program impacted their choices. It would also follow new instructors going forward. 

Measures would include quantitative surveys and interviews.