Future Posts Updated

It turns out that catching pneumonia is NOT a good way to keep on top of your blog. So here’s a revised schedule of future Chicks Dig Science posts . . . provided I don’t get the flu, or hit by a bus, or lazier than usual.

Feb 7th - Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Practical tips for doing science outreach

Feb 14th - “Real Science” vs School Science

What kids think about the science they learn and the science they want to do

Feb 21st - Mindsets

An overview of Dweck’s research into how we thing about our own learning potential

Feb 28th - Self-Segregation: Only Girl in the Room

How stereotypes about science keep girls from joining in

Mar 7th - Logic Model!

An overview of how SPICE takes theory and puts it into practice

Mar 14th - Understanding obstacles to engaging with and enjoying science

Why your daughter doesn’t want to go to robotics club

Mar 21st - Science Identity Archetypes

Overview of original research on how girls think about scientists and their own ways of doing science from the SPICE Program

Mar 28th - Archetypes: Experts

How high achieving girls relate to science and how formal classrooms alienate them

April 4th - Archetypes: Inventors

Girls just want to have science that does good and makes cool stuff

April 11th - Archetypes: Experimenters

Science as intrepid exploration

April 18th - Self-Efficacy and the Role of Social Persuasion

Role models and feedback in science

April 25th - Combating Instrumentalism

The importance of learning to love science as science and not just a tool